Songs Start Here - The Trackd Story

Uniquely Trackd has a heritage in music.

In 1968, brothers Norman and Barry Sheffield opened Trident Studios London as a hub for innovation in music- an alternative to the ‘lab’ mentality of rival Abbey Road. Attracting major, influential artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Elton John and Queen. Trident was the World’s first 8 Track Studio.

Trackd founder Russell Sheffield and his brother, Justin, are heirs to Trident’s history.

When Trident Studios was founded in 1968, it became home for some of the greatest artists of all time. Within the sound proofed walls of the Soho studio the Sheffield brothers created a space that became a melting pot of talent. A go to spot for up and coming musicians laying down enduringly brilliant songs.

Norman and Barry Sheffield Trident Studios opening Small Image.jpeg

Norman and Barry Sheffield at the opening of Trident Studios, 8th March 1968.

The Sheffield brothers’ relaxed studio attitude but emphasis on high standard audio recording and a cutting edge approach to audio engineering meant that more than just amazing music was made in this St. Anne’s court studio.Trident was also the foundry for the legendary A Range Recording Console.

From launch Trident proved a pull for recording artists, drawing The Beatles from Abbey Road to record ‘Hey Jude’. Not only using the state of the art technology, but also Trident’s famed studio piano, a handmade C. Bechstein concert sized instrument, which can also be heard on Elton John’s ‘Your song’ and ‘Life On Mars’ by David Bowie.

The Beatles Hey Jude Trident Studios Small Image.jpeg

The Beatles recording Hey Jude at Trident Studios in 1968.

Trident’s culture was more than skin deep. In 1972 a young band called Smile with a great lead singer were struggling to build a career. Norman and Barry took a chance, the result, the subjectively, greatest band of all time; Queen.

Russell Sheffield, Queen and Mott The Hoople in 1973

Russell Sheffield (bottom left), with Queen and Mott The Hoople in December 1973. Queen were relatively unknown then.

Cut to now - making music is a digital world. Bedroom artists are seeing more opportunities to record, collaborate and share their work worldwide, with the ability to work independently free from historic constraints.

Trackd captures the true spirit of collaboration, the ability for a guitarist from Nashville to record with vocals from Stockholm, throwing in a drum solo from Lisbon for good measure. Trackd provides our artists the ability to share ideas around the world, engaging with fans and listeners all in one place.

Like you, our passion for music runs deep. We’ve built a mega cast of movers and shakers. Do’ers. And we’re on your team. Together the future of music is in our hands.