Trackd is the most awesome way to record and collaborate on mobile. Here’s a few questions that regularly pop up through the awesomeness.

Q1: How do I start recording using Trackd?
Once you open up the app and login, simply hit the record button and make some noise.

Q2: I’m ready to do overdubs. How do I play along to the other tracks I’ve recorded?
When you’ve recorded your first track you can hit record on the next one and layer the song.
Make sure you plug in headphones to hear the previous track at the same time.

Q3: I’m unhappy with a take - how do I delete and re-record tracks?
Simply swipe left on one of the blocks you’ve recorded to reveal the delete button. Tap that and the last piece of audio you recorded on that track will be removed.

Q4: How do I invite friends to collaborate on songs with me? Before you hit the record button on a block, swipe to the right to reveal the ‘invite a friend’ button. Tap that and follow the steps to send an invite to your friend and they’ll be able to contribute to your song.

Q5: Can I recording using an external mic?
Certainly. Trackd has been tested with iRig and Apogee products. All you need to do is change the input setting to ‘line-in’ from the song settings menu.

Q6: How do I request to collaborate on a song I find through the app?
Trackd is all about being social so get searching for players and become their friend. Then you guys can chat it out and get collaborating.

Q8: When can I expect Trackd to be available for my Android device?
That’s something we are working on right now. If you’re keen for this and have feature requests then please drop us an email with your suggestions.

Q9: Can I upload music I’ve recorded elsewhere onto the app?
At the moment, no. It is a feature we are exploring but right now Trackd is about creating something fresh that nobody has heard before. Grab that instrument and get rocking!

Q10: Who owns the music I make on Trackd?​
You own your music at all times. You are in control of who hears what, and when. Go create without fear!